Fresh Concepts for Unique Home Lighting

Fresh Concepts for Unique Home Lighting

Fresh Concepts for Unique Home Lighting (

If you are looking for a way to enliven and renew your home decor, it’s not necessary to completely remodel your home. It’s possible to alter the character and feel of your home starting with a few simple changes that won’t break your budget. A little bit of restructuring can put a fresh face on any room and lead to other design ideas.

A great place to start is your home’s lighting. Lighting creates atmosphere, and there are many variables to work with, including style, size and placement of lighting.

A single element like a lamp or pair of lamps can pull together a room into a cohesive style. Ceramic table lamps can energize and provide direction for a room’s unique character.

Big Apple Ceramic Lamp by Guild Master

Big Apple Ceramic Lamp by Guild Master

Finding that perfect lamp with a Moroccan design can serve as an inspiration to create a theme for the entire room. Falling in love with an Asian-inspired lamp detailed with a lovely image of birds in silhouette can motivate you to continue a bird motif throughout the room. You may also be tempted to bring in other aspects of Asian decor to complement or accent the lamp.

Black Pagoda Lamp by Worlds Away

Black Pagoda Lamp by Worlds Away

Depending on your personal tastes, a rooster or cookie jar lamp can be a good starting point for a rustic or country cottage look. One the other hand, a sleek, modern lamp with a chunky, rectangular shade may prompt you to continue the minimal look, simplifying your home, and choosing bold shapes and primary colors.

Rectangular Rope Lamp by Continental

Rectangular Rope Lamp by Continental

Create atmosphere with the quality of the light itself. As the expression tells us, we all want to see life through rose-colored glasses, and you can change your home’s ambiance through lighting choices. There are a variety of light bulbs available, from LED to CFL to incandescent bulbs. If you want a warm glow without glare, try soft white light bulbs which filter out dull yellows. If you are more adventurous, you may even want to try out colored light bulbs or black lights. Or perhaps, just save those for parties.

Another design idea is to incorporate elements of feng shui into your decor. Organizing your home on feng shui principles is said to have a beneficial effect on many areas of your life, from finances to creative energy to spiritual peace. Also, it can just be fun to experiment with.

In feng shui, colors are very important. Yin colors, such as purple and blue are said to be best for relaxation or healing. These colors would work well in a bedroom. Yang colors, such as yellow, orange or red are associated with wood and fire elements. They encourage warmth, cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Because light is a fire element, pairing your lamp with a bright yellow lampshade can create a nice burst of fire element in a room, which would be excellent for a kitchen.

When choosing lighting for your home, there are many things to consider, such as style, atmosphere and harmony. Ceramic table lamps can inspire a fresh new concept for your home.


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